Certified Yoga Instructor


Sona received her certification as a Yoga Teacher from AXIS YOGA TRAINING in Denver, Colorado.

Specializing in Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga, the most recognized form of the yoga experience, contains the physical postures (called “asanas”) that are part of the wider ancient concept of yoga.

All In The Family

Yoga is something everybody can enjoy. Participants of any age, regardless of physical restrictions or abilities, can benefit from the increased energy, balance and mindful peace this ancient practice brings.

Unifying Mind, Body & Spirit

Yoga gives us a proven method to unify our consciousness with our bodies, and the energy that flows within them.

Why Yoga

Yoga asanas are simply the best form of exercise ever created. The Sanskrit word yoga itself  means “union,” although “wholeness” may be a more suitable word because of its root meanings of “healthy”
and “holy.”


Why Sona

Over the years, Sona’s yoga practice has become deeply rich and meaningful. Her own training included a strong mind/body focus, to a degree and depth that changed her personal approach to yoga in a powerful way.


What To Expect

Sona will gently guide you through your yoga session and tailor a routine that suits your own specific capabilities, goals, interests, needs and desires. Her knowledge of all aspects of yoga are incorporated into your private session.



I’d love to hear from you, and I’m passionate about teaching Yoga! Whether you’re new to Yoga, or you’ve been practicing for some time, I’d be happy to talk!
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