What To Expect

Mid adult woman lying on back practicing yoga in living roomSona Seaton gently guides you through your yoga session and tailors a routine that suits your own specific capabilities, goals, interests, needs and desires. Her knowledge of all aspects of yoga are incorporated into your private session.

Beginning with asana (the physical postures), Sona will create a sequence specifically designed for your body’s unique, individual needs.

Sona’s broad body of knowledge and experience in yoga practice permits her to incorporate pranayama practices (breathing techniques and patterns) that are invaluable to your yoga and life experience.

Meditation allows the mind & body to center and focus, bringing a depth and meaning to your practice both on the matt and off.

By combining these three aspects of yoga – asana, pranayama and meditation – with Sona’s attention to detail and focus, a truly wonderful and energizing experience awaits you.

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