Mind, Body, & Spirit

When we learn to treasure our own existence, then we can truly be happy, joyous and free.  Everyone is looking outside themselves for love, meaning and purpose in their lives. They will only find it if they look within. Our soul, our spirit, lives in the heart. Once we connect with our heart we can overcome all obstacles, reclaim our power and change our lives forever!

One way to meet our soul, our spirit, our true self, is to follow the path of the Yogi. Many people today are misled about what Yoga is. Yoga is not just an exercise done in a class at the gym or yoga studio. Yoga is an ancient spiritual path to enlightenment. When we follow this path, we begin to see the world with new eyes, new possibilities, new hopes, and new dreams. We begin to love ourselves unconditionally and break free from all spiritual maladies that have kept us stuck in pain and sorrow. Love is the answer!

The process of yoga can help us to connect our busy mind with our body to quiet the mind, and then we can connect with the spirit that lives in our hearts.

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